Geosyntec Auction Date Set for 16 Oct (of course subject to change). Newsletter #16 & Geosyntec Writ of Execution - First & Second Items Below


Restore Woodlake Newsletter Edition 16.p[...]
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(Issued) Writ of Execution with Attachme[...]
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Woodlake residents hire wetlands expert.[...]
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Association News

Posted by Community Manager (Debbie Watterson) on Jul 30, 2018 8:22 pm


RWLC Update

It has come to the attention of the RWLC that a conspiracy theory regarding the intent of the RWLC and the Bidding LLC has been circulating throughout the community. Although we have no intention of dignifying this ridiculous theory with a response, we have received some rational questions from property owners, so we thought we would provide some Q&A to dispel any concerns and ensure facts are the order of the day. Attached is the Q&A and supporting document. 


Volunteer Kickoff Meeting Jul 17, 2018 Information

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Below are the results of two surveys intended to gather community input.  EVERYONE - Please take a few minutes and read.  Thank you for your support and voice as we move ahead.

Restore Woodlake Survey Results.pdf
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Incorporation Survey Results.pdf
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Please Note: Incorporation has a new tab in the main menu above.

The State AG Files Consent and Complaint Against WLCC Corp for Cost Recovery for the Breach of the Woodlake Dam.  Located at the DEQ tab.

18.04.04 Default Judgment.pdf
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18.03.22 Final Order Designating Lot Own[...]
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EDITORIAL In Their Own Words 28 Mar 2018[...]
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They're Not Interested in Woodlake 27 Ma[...]
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Woodlake residents win Fayetteville Obe[...]
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Judge Awards The Pilot 23 Mar 2018.pdf
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Restore Woodlake Newsletter Edition 14.p[...]
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Plantiff Memorandum of Law Support of De[...]
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Judge Awards 160M in Woodlake Lawsuit Th[...]
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Below is the Supeona and Deposition of the Woodlake CC Vice President and Co-Owner, MS Julie Watson

Subpoena - Julie Watson.pdf
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Watson Exhibit 1.pdf
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Subpoena - Julie Watson EXHIBIT A.pdf
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WLCC VP Deposition.pdf
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Additional Questions Asked By Residents Concerning the

 March 22, 2018, Superior Court Ruling

Additional Questions Asked By Residents [...]
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