Please Remember the Mission of the Restore Woodlake Committee


Please take a moment and remember that the Restore Woodlake Committee (RWL) is a sanctioned subcommittee of your Property Owners’ Association (POA).  There continues to be confusion by many in the community - do not accept what you may have been told or read on a blog site.  Our primary mission is to work every possible avenue to restore our lake & dam, and to see our property values return.  We coordinate daily with your POA.  No monies have ever been used by the RWL from residents’ assessments paid to the POA; all the RWL funds expended have come from donations.  The RWL is not affiliated, nor teamed, with any commercial enterprise, including WLCC Corp, WLCC Real Estate Corp, or Woodlake CC LLC.


Review the RWL Charter under

Revaluation Raises Property Values in Moore County Revaluation Raises Property Values in Moore County 

Revaluation Raises Property Values in Mo[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [135.3 KB]

So, How Did Woodlake Fare With the 2019 Reevaluation?


Please go to the Moore County Government site and check your own home values.

Update Provided by Steiner + Company Representative and Contractors

Woodlake Update March 2019 .pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [2.2 MB]

Disclaimer:  This above document was provided by a third party of Steiner + Company. 

Restore Woodlake Resident Update for 18 Mar 2019

RWL Update 18 Mar 2019.pdf
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Letter to the Community from Mr. Keith Allison

Allison Letter to the Community.pdf
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Kirby Discusses Woodlake at the Bottom o[...]
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Latest The Pilot Articles

Woodlake Solution Finally Gets Airing Th[...]
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New Owner Emerges At Woodlake The Pilot [...]
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Don’t Bail Out Woodlake.pdf
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John Misiaszek Comments on Woodlake and [...]
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Press Release from Senator Tom McInnis.  This issue has been worked for over a year with our elected representatives.  Also below is a copy of the proposed bill - Senate Bill 190; and the initial House Bill 281 (Sponsored by Jamie Boles & Allen McNeill)


Woodlake Press Release From Tom McInnis.[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [122.9 KB]
Senate Bill 190 v1.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [124.8 KB]
Adobe Acrobat document [135.5 KB]
Lawmaker Submits Proposal to Rebuild Woo[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [230.2 KB]
County Objects to Woodlake Legislation T[...]
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We Got to Fix It Fay Observer 13 Mar 20[...]
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Who Will Save Woodlake.pdf
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Promises made to Woodlake residents on J[...]
Adobe Acrobat document [109.8 KB]
Woodlake Solution Finally Gets Airing Th[...]
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Fay Obser 4 Apr 2019.pdf
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Woodlake CC Corp Leases 13 Parcels to Allison Holdings X LLC

These leases are public domain information.  This is being posted by the RWL Committee as information only.  Please read letter of introduction from Mr. Keith Allison

Woodlake 2018 Incorporation

Incorporation Packet Submitted to the NC Legislature on 18 Oct 2018

Woodlake Incorporation Request.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [5.4 MB]

The State AG Files Consent and Complaint Against WLCC Corp for Cost Recovery for the Breach of the Woodlake Dam.  Located at the DEQ tab.

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