ANC & POA Coordinating Support for the Little River Basin Dam Project


Please take a moment and remember that the Restore Woodlake Committee (RWL) is a sanctioned subcommittee of your Property Owners’ Association (POA).  There continues to be confusion by many in the community - do not accept what you may have been told or read on a blog site - or some alternative that is unrealistc.  Our primary mission is to work every possible avenue to restore our lake & dam, and to see our property values return.  We coordinate daily with your POA.  No monies have ever been used by the RWL from residents’ assessments paid to the POA; all the RWL funds expended have come from donations.  The RWL is not affiliated, nor teamed, with any commercial enterprise, including WLCC Corp, WLCC Real Estate Corp, or Woodlake CC LLC.


Review the RWL Charter under

ANC Coordinates Legislative Support for the Little River Basin Dam Project


ANC, in coordination with the Woodlake POA, is engaging support from Brooks Pierce of Raleigh (a law and lobbying firm) to represent the Woodlake community (the POA) in ongoing governmental matters with the current house and senate budget.  Specifically, the proposed house budget currently contains a line of $9.6M for this project.  Additional information will be posted when the budget is made public.  Backgound information for this effort can be located at the tab "Flood Mitigation Budget Line."

Keith Allison Community Update 2 April 2021

Community Update K Allison_ANC 040221.pd[...]
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Moore County Back Taxes Paid by ANC!

Janene Aul, ANC’s General Counsel, presents a check for almost half a million dollars to Gary Briggs, Moore County Tax Administrator, that clears up all current and past due taxes for all WLCCC properties in the Woodlake Community (3/31/2021).


Woodlake Forcelosure, Sale, and Follow-on Pilot 2021 Articles

The Pilot 10 Feb 2021.pdf
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Woodlake Auction Pilot 14 Feb 2021.pdf
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Woodlake Fetches 27 Feb 2021.pdf
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Fayetteville Observer 5 March 2021.pdf
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With New Ownership, Woodlake Looks to Fu[...]
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Editorial - The Pilot 28 Mar 2021.pdf
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WTVD Report.pdf
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Foreclosure Sale Set for Woodlake Commun[...]
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RWLC Update 18 Jan 2021

Over the past 3 years, have chased every viable path to restore a lake – parcels are private property with numerous judgments.  Ownership issues must be resolved and judgments extinguished.
5 Judgments: each for all WLCCC parcels.
RWLC receives no POA monies – 100% donations
Engineering studies for a new spillway completed and intellectual property of the RWLC.  Wetland studies are the property of two residents.
Currently creating analysis for dredging priorities and marginal retention of water (cofferdam – not in the breach footprint)
The Class Action Suit was championed and funded by the RWLC (#4 judgment)
In concert with the Declarant, preparing RWLC mitigation brief for county/military/state/federal agencies (once ownership is cleared)
RWLC continues to maintain the lakebed/earthen dam for potential restoration


Allison Newsletter 22 May 2020.pdf
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County Accepts Grant to Demolish Homes Damaged by Hurricane Florence


County Accepts Grant to Demolish Homes D[...]
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Often the question arises as to the dollar amount owed to Moore County by Woodlake affiliated companies and personnel for back taxes.  Note that Moore County is one of twenty counties in NC (100 counties in NC) that do not require back real estate taxes to be paid at the time land is transfered to another party.  Currently (Jan 2021), WLCCC owes ~$400K in back taxes.


Prepping the existing lakebed - suitable for water impoundment, a.k.a., the “lake” bottom

C. Jones – 01/20/2020



  • The authorities for restoring the WL dam and lake are:
    • The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) office in Raleigh – granted a dam rebuild permit to DEQ – expires in March, 2022.  A one-year extension is likely, with additional extensions as progress is made in the dam rebuild process, e.g., an initial design and hydrologic study completion – both accomplished.  The Restore Woodlake Committee (RWLC) is working to get the extensions.
    • The N.C. Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) office in Raleigh – the dam design approval authority and water impoundment approval authority.  DEQ has verbally agreed to transfer the USACE dam rebuild permit to a WL entity when the dam is ready to be rebuilt.  RWLC continues to keep its DEQ contacts active, e.g., Shane Cook.
  • The liabilities of plant/tree/shrub growth on the earthen portion of the dam and the lakebed:
    • On the earthen portion of the dam – the roots of the flora jeopardize the integrity of the dam’s structure by creating voids and pathways for water intrusion and erosion – can lead to a dam failure.  We have cut the flora on the earthen portion of the dam and need to keep it cut – ongoing.
    • On the lakebed – if the flora is left unchecked, its growth will present a number of problems:
      • Make the prep of the lakebed to impound water significantly more difficult and expensive.
      • If the flora gets mature enough, it could be recategorized as a “forest” – that means no water impoundment; and thus, no lake.
  • Current lakebed flora control options:
    • Cut the bulk of the flora, mainly trees and large shrubs down via “hand-labor.”
    • Initiate progressive “controlled burns” to eliminate the flora.
    • A combination of the two is what the RWLC is perusing.
      • Challenges – permitting – based in inquiries and research, not a significant problem.
      • Safety – would use a N.C. licensed and insured contractor(s).
        • Would conduct a “proof-of-concept” controlled burn to establish an effective and safe process.
        • Controlled burns will be done progressively – not in one big effort.
        • Smoke control – will be some, but will only burn on no/low wind days.
      • Cost – a significant challenge.  We will seek help from the WL population and possibly some grant $$.
      • This would not be just a “one-time” effort, as some species of trees and plants, will regenerate after a fire – witness Fort Bragg controlled burns.
  • The controlled burn approval process:
    • The RWLC; then, the POA Board; then, a townhall meeting to get owner-resident feedback – if approved, a funding effort would begin.
    • Once funding was in place, securing the permitting authorities’ approval would follow.
    • The controlled burn schedule would be published and controlled burns would begin.  Based on weather and other conditions, the controlled burns could be conducted periodically for a year.
  • NO DECISIONS HAVE BEEN MADE – we just described a process, not a decision!


The Restore Woodlake Committee


Here are four pictures of the earthen dam (before and after shots) illustrating the foilage that was cut and defoiliated.


This group of slides was taken by neighbor Tom Earnhardt on 8 Sep 2019, while flying his drone around the lakebed and pool.  Some close shots illustrate the breach and just how our lakebed looks after almost three years with zero water.

The below slide show of the current state of the lakebed was taken by Cheryl Morgan, Woodlake resident, pilot, photographer, freefall expert (you got to love those folks), and good neighbor.  Cheryl was able to capture these photos on the evening of 30 Aug 2019.  Please note the active stream beds fed by Cranes Creek and Cypress Creek, as well as the vegitation lining the earthen dam.  Thank you Cheryl. 

Woodlake October Note to Community.pdf
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Engineering Study Results



Lake Townsend (Greensboro) Labyrinth Dam & Spillway Under Construction

State Lawmakers Approve Woodlake Referendum Bill

S190v4.pdf 1 Aug 2019.pdf
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State Lawmakers Approve Woodlake Referen[...]
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Woodlake Bill Approved, but Embattled Co[...]
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A Choice for Woodlake.pdf
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Letters to the Community from Mr. Keith Allison

Woodlake October Note to Community.pdf
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Allison Letter to the Community.pdf
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Kirby Discusses Woodlake at the Bottom o[...]
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Woodlake Press Release From Tom McInnis.[...]
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Senate Bill 190 v1.pdf
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Lawmaker Submits Proposal to Rebuild Woo[...]
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County Objects to Woodlake Legislation T[...]
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We Got to Fix It Fay Observer 13 Mar 20[...]
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Who Will Save Woodlake.pdf
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Promises made to Woodlake residents on J[...]
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Woodlake Solution Finally Gets Airing Th[...]
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Fay Obser 4 Apr 2019.pdf
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