RWL Update to Residents



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Woodlake’s lake is the centerpiece of our community and hosts an over two hundred thirty-million dollar Moore County property tax base.  Its long-term viability is key to property values, residents’ quality of life, and serves as home for hundreds of permanent and migrant animals, birds and waterfowl.  It also serves a flood control function and as water reserve for the annual North Carolina drought season.

Recognizing the value of the lake to its residents and Moore County, in January the Woodlake Property Owners Association (POA) Board established a "Restore Woodlake Committee." The Committee membership provides a dedicated, focused and well informed team to further study the dam situation and to develop potential courses of action.  The Committee activities will be coordinated with individuals and organizations that can have a positive influence on the outcome of the current dam situation – the desired outcome is a fully restored and functional dam and lake.