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Woodlake’s lake is the centerpiece of our community and hosts an over two hundred thirty-million dollar Moore County property tax base.  Its long-term viability is key to property values, residents’ quality of life, and serves as home for hundreds of permanent and migrant animals, birds and waterfowl.  It also serves a flood control function and as water reserve for the annual North Carolina drought season.

Recognizing the value of the lake to its residents and Moore County, in January the Woodlake Property Owners Association (POA) Board established a "Restore Woodlake Committee." The Committee membership provides a dedicated, focused and well informed team to further study the dam situation and to develop potential courses of action.  The Committee activities will be coordinated with individuals and organizations that can have a positive influence on the outcome of the current dam situation – the desired outcome is a fully restored and functional dam and lake.




Latest Musings from Charlie Jones

Some Thoughts on Woodlake

As I was sitting at my home office desk trying to avoid working on my 2019 taxes and deleting all the unsolicited and unwanted political e-mails, when my idle stare turned to the lakebed.  its dreary, cold “face” stared back, entreating me to embrace its rather somber appearance.  On this cold, wet day, it would be easy to let the down-side of my Woodlake situation take over and figuratively and literally “dampen” my spirit.  Then, I saw a Bald Eagle fly by with its breakfast firmly in the grasp of its talons.  I reflected on this for a moment and realized that this beautiful bird had made the most of what the majority of us would see as an uninviting and tragic lake situation.


I sense that the Woodlake community may be in a collective “funk,” because the club, lake, and golf courses have not been quickly resurrected.  OK, I got it, but in a world and time where not everything goes as we would like, it’s useful to look past the obvious shortcomings and take heart that some things are actually improving.


I’ll admit that there are some in our community, when faced with a “glass half-full or half-empty” situation would choose to break the glass.  The way to counter that is to show we are a reasonably united community and the improvements we make will benefit all.  The website critics, who rarely offer a positive solution or volunteer for anything are a small minority, and will eventually move or get tired of griping.  As we reinvigorate our community’s activities and amenities, the ranks of the naysayers will diminish.


The ownership of Woodlake is currently at a 50-50 percent ownership stalemate.  Mr. Allison is working with his 50% to resolve this situation.  In the meantime, the property and facilities he’s leased are being made available to the community.  Keep in mind, neither of the 50-50% owners are deriving any income from their Woodlake holdings, so any costs are paid for “out-of-pocket.”  Since Steiner has essentially abandoned Woodlake, it falls to Allison to deal with virtually any Woodlake cost out of his personal “pocket.”


The void of any active club management or amenities is being filled, at least in part, by the Woodlake community itself.  The pool opening provided the cornerstone of this effort - thanks Lou!  Its 2019 success ensured that the pool will again be a center of this summer’s activities.  The pool begat the food trucks, the new basketball court, and other pool related activities and amenities.  The 19th Hole facility, such as it may be, is now available for POA activities.  Plans to potentially resurrect other aspects of 19th Hole uses are being explored.


We have made progress on the admittedly long process of restoring the lake; albeit, progress not visible to most.  Thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Restore Woodlake Committee and its many contributors, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) dam rebuild permit has been extended to March of 2023.  We have a preliminary design for a replacement dam spillway, the required hydrology work has been completed, and we have an authoritative cost estimate - $8.5M.  OK, neither I nor you can write a valid check for that amount, but now when we speak with Federal, State, and local government officials, we’re no longer guessing at the rebuild cost.


The level of volunteerism continues to increase, witness the recent repair of the fence along Mclaughlin Rd. to the Woodlake entrance, the lakebed and earthen dam clear-cutting, the trash pick-up along SR690, the mowing of the golf course and other community areas, the almost daily trash pick-up along community roads, neighbors helping neighbors, community focused philanthropical activities by the Lions and Woodlake Women’s Clubs, and countless other small but important efforts by community volunteers.


I encourage you to volunteer for something positive in the community.  If you’re not able or willing to use a chain-saw or perform manual labor, try something like delivering “meals-on-wheels,” picking up the trash on your street, or come to a POA meeting to hear first-hand what’s going on, ask questions, and meet some of your neighbors.  If you’re renting, you can increase your quality of life by becoming an active member of this community and participating in its many activities - there’s a lot going on, but it won’t come knocking on your door, it will take a little effort on the part of everyone.


What’s the “water-level” in your “glass”?

            Charlie Jones