Restore Woodlake Adopt-A-Highway

Saturday, 11/18, thanks to 16 volunteers, the entire 2 mile stretch of 690 was cleaned in under 2 hours! We collected 25 bags of trash and recyclables.

Thank you to the following friends and neighbors for helping
the "Restore Woodlake Committee" meet its commitment:

Charlie & Linda Jones; Kurt Wyson; Barb McCleneghen; Janice, Dave & John Dickerhoff, Bonnie & Jon Laurich; Yvonne & Eric Heib; Robin & John Kuhls; Julie & David Roddenberry & Rich Kirschke.

Watch for our next clean-up in January. Hope to see you there.

Dee Kirschke
November 18, 2017




The Committee would like to ask for volunteers.


                June 24  from 9-11 am - Adopt-A-Highway Clean-up  (gathering place to be determined).  We have 12 reflective vests and 24 pair of gloves and bags.  One volunteer to follow in a car for a cool rest place and hold a cooler with water.  Volunteers should wear sturdy, protective boots, a hat and bring a grabber if possible.  Recyclables will be bagged separately and transported by me to the recycle center.  The rest of the debris will be picked up by NCDOT.


Thank you to the following volunteers for their help in picking up trash on 690, Saturday 8/26/17.


Donna McClary, Kurt Wyson, Barbara McCleneghen, Reese and John Dickerhoff, and Rich Kirschke.


Our minimum obligation is 4 pick-ups per year. Volunteer requests will come out on the WLEN and the NABR website. 

The minimum age for volunteers is 15 years of age. If any students need community service hours for school or clubs, please volunteer with us.


Thank you,

Dee Kirschke

Adopt-A-Hwy coordinator





Below are the links to the safety video and information for volunteers.