Lake Surf Pool 2020


Lake Surf Pool and COVID-19                                                                                                       Apr 9, 2020

It seems our plans, lives, families, and jobs are in a state of flux.  Normal is not normal.  We must act and react, plan for the unknown, and have faith and hope.  The unfortunate situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is that even the best of plans must be flexible.  The virus seriously impacts the Lake Surf pool 2020 season, and our budget.    We truly were taking steps to respond to positive suggestions and lessons learned from 2019.

As of this date, the opening of the pool is dependent on the decisions of the Moore County Health Department and the state of North Carolina.  While the Health Department has our 2020 permit application for the Lake Surf pool, no action for inspecting our pool will be taken until at least early May, if then.

In the interim, the pool committee has established a contingency budget to maintain the pool for rapid operation.  This budget covers expenses such as water, electric, phone/internet, chemicals, pool service, trash collection, and maintenance items.  Adequate funds exist to maintain the “prepared operational state” until 1 July.

The painting and repair of the pool is complete.  Water will soon be in the pool to preserve the integrity of the painting and pool mechanical items.  Please tell family members that the area is “off limits” and posted accordingly.  Security cameras are operational 24/7.  You will frequently see the certified pool operators doing chores and improving the grounds.

No membership drive will be conducted for the pool until a firm date is established for opening.  Membership fees for the season will be prorated accordingly.  The 2020 pool application and rules & regulations are posted at .  Badges for known returning members have been premade for 2020.  An example of the new badge format is also on that webpage. 

The member’s basketball area will remain closed until the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions are lifted by the state.  While the basketball area quickly gained a local popularity, many young people have continued to dispense trash in the area, even when repeatedly asked to police the space.  Further, the continued vandalism by unsupervised youth will not be tolerated.  Actions by one or two children impact all.

Always remember that the pool is operated by volunteers.  During the season, we need your help to provide a safe and enjoyable experience.  Feel free to volunteer.  Contact Diane Broderson .

Lake Surf Pool Committee


Below are some current pictures of the rehabilitation of the pool.  Not only has the pool been painted with two coats of specialized rubber pool paint, three swim lanes have been marked and all 20 floor inlets replaced.  The main drains were removed and cleaned.  The entire deck has been stained.  Spectrum will be installing high speed internet for your use.  New chaise lounge chairs have been purchased.  A Coke machine will be installed once the  pool opens.