Lake Surf Pool

Lake Surf Pool 2021

The pool committee is moving forward to organize for the 2021 season (COVID permitting by the governor).  Please understand that our community has the pool (private property) via an agreement with Allison Holdings X.  We would love for the pool to transition to new ownership and a possible honest “country club” type management company, but do not believe that time permits for this coming season. 


The pool is a community effort.  Volunteers have managed the pool for two seasons with very reasonable rates and have kept true to our commitment of clean water, safety, and security.  Our monetary expenditures are sound and transparent:  Yes, we have a “maintenance punchout list” to be worked (minor water leaks, roof leak, pool painting, etc.).  Know that this pool is an “old gal” with an age of 37 years – she still looks good for a “senior citizen” and her emergency “Medicare” funds are always in the budget.


No one is compensated less contractors (e.g., our trusted pool service).   Dedicated support from many have sustained the pool – and volunteers will be required in 2021.  We have new volunteers to be qualified as Certified Pool Operators (CPOs) for daily morning checks, will be outsourcing landscaping and major maintenance issues, and always need volunteer monitors checking the entrance (this being the most pressing issue for operations).


Our primary security issues have been teenagers from families who were not members or were banned (even via ownership, the sheriff and/or the court system and will remained banned in 2021) from WLCCC properties.  The effort to police these problems (vandalism to WLCCC property & trespassing) has been consuming and not fair to membership.  This issue will not be tolerated and reported immediately to the sheriff.  Please note that being a friend of a teenage dependent member, and residing in Woodlake, does not make him/her a bonified guest.


The pool is like a small business: utilities, maintenance, chemicals, badging, security, and our pool contractors are the major budget items.  It requires time, dedication, and availability, as well as managing the members’ money with integrity.   And very important - as must rely on volunteers to monitor the entrance, be aware that the pool may be closed for hours where coverage is either vacant or the relief person cancels/fails to show.  This issue may require members to attest when enrolling that they understand this possibility.


Truly want to thank all the volunteers during the past two years.  So many gave more than ever expected.


Be patient.  Our community needs to mend and chart a new direction.  All lot owners have suffered as a result of years of mismanagement.  A new day is coming.


Lou Mason