Allison Holdings X

On 7 February 2019, Allison Holdings X leased 13 parcels from Woodlake CC Corporation (WLCCC) with a 5 year lease and three 5 year extensions.  Allison Holdings X later added two other parcels for a total of 15.  These leases can be found on the Moore County Register of Deeds website.  The Maples parcel leased includes not only the former Maples golf course but the Oates house, the pool, the member’s lounge, the sales office building, the guardhouses, and the maintenance shed on Murdock Road – about 240 acres.

Acting without knowledge and understanding of these leases, a California lawyer tasked by Steiner Consulting, had established a California based limited liability company (Woodlake CC LLC) and used this organization to open a Wells Fargo bank account in southern California (with an check address of 150 Woodlake Blvd, Vass, NC) to manage WLCC members’ monies (dues) that had been received in the last 5 months of 2018, and continued to be received in 2019.  As of 31 March 2019, this account had deposited $10,248 from social memberships and $11,348 from transient memberships; also $14,527 of utility returns were deposited for a total of approximately $36,160.  Some of these funds were used to make needed repairs to pool in March 2019 (approximately $16,591): repairs to the cabana, cleaning the pool walls/floor surfaces, and installation of a new pump with new main valves, chlorinator, and limited pipe repairs.  These repairs were managed by a local resident without accepting the validity of the Allison Holdings X leases nor coordination/consent from Allison Holdings X.

Woodlake CC LLC in California.pdf
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Below are four contractual items from the Feb / Mar 2019 timeframe

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As the pool is not owned by the community, Allison Holdings X was approached in mid-April requesting a team of residents, in coordination with the POA, to manage the pool for the 2019 season.  Allison Holdings X approved the plan and agreed to add an insurance rider to their existing liability policy already in place for the pool.


Pool and Pump Room Prior to WLCC LLC Funding Repairs in March

Pool and Pump Room After to WLCC LLC Funding Repairs in March