In early May, the task of cleaning the grounds and cabana was undertaken by three old guys (Mason, Jones, & Laurich).  With chain saws, mowers, weed whackers, hedge trimmers, trucks, etc., the area was brought up to standards to open the pool.  Several trips to the dump and a full day of cleaning bathrooms added to this effort.  Often material was donated to complete repairs.  Special thanks to Steve Morrison for donating the rock to fill the large potholes in the road going to the cabana. 

With the majority of the pool furniture sold and removed on 1 July 2018, the remaining outdoor tables and chairs were relocated to the pool area from the rear of the Oates house.  The team of Jackie and Dave Swope spent endless hours staining these tables, chairs and as well as the cabana decking.  Dave Swope wants to finish staining the decking in the spring of 2020.  The Swopes truly made a difference.  To provide additional seating for members, six picnic tables were purchased (three additional folding six-foot picnic tables were recently purchased during a season end sale), as well as ten umbrellas for tables.

While the lawn area and the vegetation around the pool were clean and presentable, inexpensive improvements should be made.  The grass inside the perimeter must be cut weekly.  The purchase of a lawnmower was a sound investment.  Frank Mason was often seen cutting the pool area grass.  While Frank was away on business trips, Liam Harrison provided help in cutting the grass.  While the lawn improved over the summer, it will need to be treated for crabgrass prevention and insect control next spring. 

The 2019 use of Mosquito Authority ($69 every 21 days) had mixed results (often rain washed the product away quickly) – do not recommend this service for 2020.  Flies, fire ants, and bees continued to be a problem over the summer (they did not comply with their eviction “notice”).  Because the vegetation from the lakebed is a breeding area, an aggressive insect treatment program is required.

Many thanks to the ladies of the Woodlake Garden Club for their effort in salvaging the Day-Lilies that surround the outside of the perimeter fence.  These ladies spend many mornings tending to their plants.  Linda, Joyce, Donna, Lynda and Karen a big thank you!