Off Season Tasks

8 Sep 2000 hours: Pool Closed


Looking forward to the fall, winter, and early spring, the pool, with the help of volunteers, will complete numerous projects to improve the 2020 season.  Some of the known tasks are:

  1. Review the procedures for membership sign-ups and badging.While 2019 was a rush for memberships and badging, improvements are required (schedule, types of memberships, better identification, etc.).

  2. Review and clarify rules.Some rules are required by the North Carolina, e.g., no glass containers (even if your brand is only available in bottles), no diving, and no swimming alone.Lake Surf gleaned the 2019 rules from numerous other local facilities and in coordination with the Moore County Health Department.No smoking and no vaping (electronic cigarettes) need to be enforced inside the pool perimeter (larger signs required).

  3. Grow the number of “certified pool operators” (CPO) to provide better service to the membership.Chemicals and safety checks must be performed each day prior to opening.CPOs attend a one day “pool school” ($125 per and is covered in the pool budget) and are certified for 5 years.New volunteers should plan on attending a class in March or April (see  Additionally, CPOs oversee the daily opening and closing of the pool (it is a task that requires time and dedication).

  4. Review the 2020 calendar and determine opening and closing dates.Noted that folks would like the season opened earlier in May and closed later in September.This issue is directly influenced by the number of willing and dedicated volunteers toman daily details and dollars.

  5. A fall grounds maintenance day and a spring clean-up day will be scheduled and volunteers needed.

  6. Consider “painting” three swim lanes for swimming laps and possible swim classes/competition for children.

  7. Replace the toilet internal mechanisms for all three commodes.

  8. Evaluate the cost and labor to replace the exhaust systems in each bathroom.

  9. Replacement of all 20 pool inlet floor valves.Several of the inlet valves are non-functional and not calibrated.

  10. Painting of the pool must be evaluated and minor repairs made to the concrete.

  11. Determine tasks to repair and clean/paint perimeter fence (cost)

  12. Stain the remainder of the cabana deck.

  13. Evaluate and repair the electrical wiring of the pump room, perimeter lighting, and cabana area for meeting standards and safety.

  14. Consider the installation of a water fountain.Cost versus alternatives

  15. Treat lawn in mid-March for crabgrass