Pool on 2 May In Need of Chemicals


While the pool is not publicly owned, nor owned by the community, it is categorized as a “public pool” and must comply with NC Health Department regulations (document below).  As a note, a “private pool” is considered like one in a homeowner’s yard.  Following the NC regulations meant that the Lake Surf pool required numerous signs to be added and items to be repaired to pass the Moore County Health Department inspection.  Lou Mason arranged with the county to provide a “courtesy inspection” to create a “gig list” of items needing attention.  Certifying a pool that had been filled with water in early April meant dealing with algae and requiring over $700 in chemicals to get the chemistry of the water to Health Department standards, let alone time to in time to open on May 25th.  Also, three people attended Certified Pool Operator (CPO) training, a.k.a., pool school, prior to opening for business (Mike Hubble, Charlie Jones & Lou Mason), and Terry Kerr and Mike Straka attended after the season began.  The 2019 county application, final inspection, and a sample of a CPO are below. 



NC State Swimming Pool guidelines.pdf
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County Alpplication.pdf
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County Pool Permit.pdf
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Lou Mason CPO.pdf
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