Pool Service

Anthony from AJ's Pool Service Replaces Cracked Major Filter


Obtaining a pool service was a challenge.  Prior to searching for a contractor, Lou Mason met twice with Chris Brennan, a Woodlake resident with years of professional pool service expertise.  Chris provided sound guidance on how to manage a service and recommendations for needed repairs in the pump room.  Every person/firm contacted became negative when the name Woodlake was mentioned (bad experiences, past non-payments, and reputation).  Even the company that had made recent repairs in the pump room was not willing to work at Woodlake.  After a week of searching, Lou met with Anthony and Kim Roberto of AJ’s Pool Service (they also do Whispering Pines).  Kim and Anthony are relatively new to Moore County – Anthony is a former Old Guard soldier and also owns a pool service on Long Island, NY.  We agreed for two service visits per week (Tuesday and Friday), supplying chemicals as required, and performing maintenance tasks above the skill levels of the certified pool operators (for 2019 season ~$11,200).  AJ’s Pool Service was terrific: they were there on schedule, surpassed our agreed tasks and standards, and provided the members a clean pool for the entire season.  Additionally, AJ’s have winterized the pool’s plumbing and will be doing some needed maintenance in the off season.  AJ’s Pool Service will definitely be asked to provide services in 2020, including correctly preparing the pool prior to filling with water and meeting the county health standards for chemical balance.