Security was a hallmark item in the planning for the pool.  Tom Meyers was instrumental in the initial selection and installation of video security, as well as determining points of vulnerability to enter the premises after hours.  Tom has many years of experience in Woodlake leading the Neighborhood Watch and knowledge of numerous past vandalism issues related to the pool.  We thank Tom for his skills and assistance.

In mid-June Tom was replaced by Terry Kerr.  Terry quickly ensured that our camera system was connected to the internet and that we were able to access live video of the pool via numerous media.  Terry was able to backup video and perform random software updates.  Additionally, five sets of motion sensor lights were installed to assist night visibility for the camera system.

Our 2019 season did not experience any vandalism to the premises; however, we did have four incidents which were handled appropriately.  Three of these incidents were related to adults and alcohol was a contributing factor; one incident involved two teens who were member dependents and two teen guests of the dependent members (not accompanied by the sponsor) – this incident was captured on video and referred to the Moore County Sheriff for resolution.  There were also two unauthorized after-hour entries into the pool; both were caught on video and resolved.  The use of marijuana was observed twice (once by adults directly outside the pool perimeter and once by young adults via vaping).

The security cameras and sensor lights will remain operational in the off season.  Members of the pool committee will also be making frequent security checks, as well as reviewing all video.