Robyn Blakley - Most Volunteer Hours


We had 36 people that signed up for the website.  Of those 36 people, only 2 people never signed up for spots!  

    *19 people signed up for 5 or fewer spots.  

    * 6 people covered between 6-10 spots.  

    * 6 more covered between 11-20 spots.

    * Marta Kane did 21 spots, Mary Larsen 25, and Robyn Blakely did 62 - you go ladies!!!

We had a total of 288 shifts covered starting June 1 through closing day.  So, the pool was operational for almost a week before we starting using this website.  Now, this website also does NOT account for the shifts covered by Jackie and Dave Swope when others had not signed up or the shifts covered by Lou Mason when nobody had signed up.  Terry Kerr also showed up as well as Diane Broderson when a volunteer did not show.  We also did combine the Pool Watch Team and Open and Close shifts part way through June.  So, that would slightly skew the number of spots filled as well. I can send the full report with names and shifts covered if you would like.  

Considerations for 2020:

     1. Does the adult swim time need a volunteer every day?  Or can one of those "daily regulars" be put in charge of checking badges and calling if an emergency would arise?

    2. Open/Close team will be done by a larger number of volunteers (at least we hope 6 total instead of 3), so the shift times could change to reflect that.

    3. Could we go to 3 hour shifts instead of 2 1/2 hours to allow for less numbers of volunteers needed per day?

    4. Since we know about this volunteer website and can use it again next year, we can create the calendar and know the exact number of shifts that will need to be covered before the beginning of the season.  About 50% of our volunteers worked 5 or less shifts.  Maybe we could increase the number of volunteers by sharing the expectation that they could commit to only 2 shifts per month.  That is 6 hours a month...maybe that could lighten the load of those that did way more than that!     

If the hours of the pool stayed the same (and keeping the adult swim from 9-11) We could do shifts from 11am-2pm, 2-5, 5-8, and then the closing person comes by 8pm to start closing procedures.  During the longer days, the closing person could send that 5-8 shift person home.  That would give us only 3 people needed per day (again saying the adult swim time would not be covered except for by the people in regular attendance at that time).  3 people a day for the 2020 Calendar (not counting May or September and sticking with being closed on Tuesdays for maintenance schedule) June would be 25 days, July and August both 27 days for a total of 237 shifts from June 1-August 31.

Obviously, we would need days filled in May and in September after opening and closing dates are determined.  Let's just say we did 10 days in May and 10 in September that would give us another 60 shifts needed.  That would give us a grand total of 297 shifts being covered.  This summer we ran with 4 volunteers needed per day after we eliminated the morning volunteer during adult swim.  This might alleviate some of the problems that occurred initially and at the end of the season with not having enough people to cover.  



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