Foreclosure and Auction

Woodlake Auction Pilot 14 Feb 2021.pdf
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Foreclosure Sale Set for Woodlake Commun[...]
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Woodlake Fetches 27 Feb 2021.pdf
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Previous Woodlake class-action suit background:

  • WLCCC failed to answer the Class-Action lawsuit that we filed in the Moore County Superior Court on October 23, 2017.
    • The motion filing deadline was 5:00pm yesterday, the 28th of December.
  • Based on WLCCC’s lack of response, the Clerk of Court entered default against WLCCC today, and we also today filed a motion for a default judgment.
  • The next step will be a presentation of damages evidence at a hearing for default judgment. 
  • We will also have to certify the two plaintiff classes, and get notice of opt-out procedures to all class members (being mailed to the "lake owner's" class).
  • What then follows is our evidentiary presentation to the Court.
  • Based on the outcome of our evidentiary presentation, we could be awarded a judgment.
  • This is a serial process and not a particularly quick one; so, don’t expect a final resolution in the near future.
  • The pertinent legal documents are filed here on the Restore Woodlake website.
  • As the legal situation evolves, we will keep the community informed.
  • Read first six documents below, including the document from 19 January, in Moore County Superior Court, approving our Class Action Suit moving forward.


Below documents provided to the community on 23 Oct 2017, creating a class action suit against WLCC.  Follow-on items are also provided below in cronological order.



Letter to community describing class act[...]
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file stamped summons and complaint 10.23[...]
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Plaintiffs First Set of INT RFP RFA - fi[...]
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Woodlake Deed - book 4496 page 287.pdf
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Preservation letter cover sheet to oc si[...]
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Preservation Letter signed.pdf
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motion(s) and order(s) for extension of [...]
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entry of default 12.29.2017.pdf
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motion for default judgment 12.29.2017.p[...]
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motion for entry of default 12.29.2017.p[...]
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Class Notice - Final.pdf
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18.03.22 Final Order Designating Lot Own[...]
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18.04.04 Default Judgment.pdf
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Understanding Punitive Damages Rev 1.pdf
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Joseph Johnson Letter 12.4.18.pdf
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