Fund Raising

For the convenience of our supporters, your financial subcommittee has established a post office box to mail donations and fundraising suggestions.  You do not have to drop by the POA office to leave a contribution.  Make a check to "Restore Woodlake Committee" and mail to Restore Woodlake, PO Box 171, Vass, NC, 28394.



The Restore Woodlake Committee is soliciting donations to support our efforts. We will not be successful without funding from the community. As stated at the Town Hall, the POA cannot use assessment funds to support this effort; therefore, it is incumbent on all of us to make contributions. The funds will initially be used to support administrative and legal/professional services fees, not for the repair of the dam.  A few months ago we were unable to provide details of why the Committee needed additional funds.  We believe we now have a course of action.  As discussed at the June 29th Town Hall meeting we need to establish a Lake Owners Association.  In that regard we have engaged an attorney who specializes in Association law.  The attorney requires a $10,000 retainer and has indicated the fee may go as high as $30,000.  In addition, in order to obtain funding to repair the spillway we need the support of the County, State, and/or Federal governments.  To help promote our cause we have identified the need for a lobbyist.  We have contacted a well-connected individual with vast experience.  He too has requested a $10,000 retainer and indicated his fee may be as high as $30,000. We promise to use all funds with strict financial prudence and exclusively towards our stated goals and objectives. We will do a strict accounting and reporting of all donations and expenditures on a regular basis. There will be no secrets. Any funds not required will be returned. No funds will be expended without the approval of the majority of the committee and each check disbursed will require two signatures. We have established a bank account at BB&T, under the name of Restore Woodlake, to hold and manage all funds. See document below for a summary of donations to date. A heart-felt thanks to all who have donated. The future of our lake is at stake. Please donate generously.


Donations should be made out to Restore Woodlake Committee and mailed to Restore Woodlake, Box 171, Vass, NC 28394.


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Letter to All Residents


Fellow Woodlake residents, once again I'm writing you and asking for your help. Monetary help for the Restore Woodlake Committee is needed now.


As I've stated previously, I am not a member of the Restore Woodlake Committee but I certainly support their efforts as I'm sure so many of you do. The Committee has recently won a big victory on our behalf BUT the battle is not yet over ! There is still, no doubt, much work to be done - whether in be in the courtroom, up in Raleigh with our State legislators or in Carthage with our County Commissioners. These efforts will take money. Although there are still resources available for the immediate fights ahead, now is NOT the time to let down our guard or reduce our level of support for the Committee. We need to properly and adequately fund the Committees efforts being undertaken on our behalf. If you have already supported the Committee with a cash donation, tremendous, but now is the time to show more support. If you haven't yet made a donation to the Restore Woodlake Committee, NOW is certainly the time to do so. Please go to, access the fundraising tab and make your donation. Remember, should Committee expenditures not exhaust all funds collected donations will be returned pro-rata.


This is an investment in the future of YOUR community. If any of you would like to discuss this with me, I am in the phone book or, if you would prefer, my email address is:




John Misiaszek