Schnabel & RWLC Engineering Study

A Labyrinth dam in operation


The Schnabel Engineering Study:

  • The 8-week study is completed.

  • The study cost was $16,750.00 – paid for by WL resident donations.

  • The study results is posted below: first the SOW and second document is the study

    • Two DEQ specification compliant dam spillway designs and sketches of these designs.

    • The required hydrologic (water) characteristics of the dam, and its lake.A significant data element needed to rebuild the dam’s spillway and meet all the DEQ, USACE, and FEMA specifications.

    • A rough order of magnitude cost to rebuild the spillway, and a qualitive comparison of the suggested alternatives.

    • Meetings with the RWLC and DEQ (if appropriate), to explain and discuss the presented options.

  • What the resulting study data and information will do for us:

    • We will now have authoritative dam spillway rebuild data and cost to present and discuss with State and local representatives – no more guessing, or beginning a sentence with, “We think…”.

    • We believe the study’s results will enable us to request a USACE dam rebuild permit extension of a year, i.e., to March, 2023.

    • We will know for certain if rebuilding the dam; and thus, restoring the lake is possible; and most importantly, the study provides the information needed to enlist the assistance of our Congressional Representative and FEMA.

    • It is a positive step forward for the long-suffering WL community.



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The Schnabel Engineering Study

2019-08-05 Woodlake Alternatives Analysi[...]
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Follow-on task with Schnabel and sub-contractor Mogensen Mitigation Inc. 

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Woodlake Dam Permitting Report-2 Oct.201[...]
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*** Additionally, in coordination with Schnabel and Mogensen Mitigation, the below will be funded by two residents.  Please note that about a year ago, it was insinuated by uninformed individuals that the RWL Committee was working with a wetlands expert to ascertain the value of mitigating the lakebed.  RWL did meet with such an expert but for the purpose of understanding if the lakebed could be considered a wetland and how to prevent the property from being labeled a wetland.***


"The MMI team spent a day collecting field data on streams and wetlands in the drained lake bed (Jan 10, 2018) and consulted with Julie, Ingolf, and agencies as needed to assess the technical constraints and potential credit values that could be realized by using the site for stream and wetland mitigation (as either a private mitigation bank or NC-DMS full-delivery mitigation site).  Your assumption "in the likely event they did not pay you for your work" is of course correct.   We can finish and update the incomplete report on mitigation site options for you for $2200, to recapture a portion of our previous costs.  Mark (Landis) indicated that if this is agreeable to Restore Woodlake Committee, he will re-issue the proposal with $2,200 added in as a separate task.


Gerald Pottern

Mogensen Mitigation Inc. (Raleigh Office)"




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Lake Surf Mitigation Feasibilty RKM 03oc[...]
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Here's the "concept plan" (.JPG) showing the potential 270 acre stream mitigation project corridor outlined in red.  The rest of the lake bed could be used for constructed ponds, trails, or possibly additional wetland mitigation

LakeSurf Simple Pro Forma 03oct19.pdf
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The below paper reflects the research and opinion of the Restore Woodlake Committee (RWLC) and is current as of 19 Aug 2019.  Providing our opinions (which appear in blue type in the document) is a departure from our normal method of posting authoritative/legal items, media, and specific factual information.  For almost three years, the RWLC has focused on the mission to restore a viable dam and lake to the community.  The progress has been slow and challenging – “a road with twists, turns, and blockades.” 

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