WLCC Deed of Trust April 2017

Below is a DOT entered 23 months after the 2015 bankruptcy sale of Woodlake to Woodlake CCC.  A review of claims by Steiner and Company on behalf of the beneficiary indicate that the beneficiary was providing funds to Woodlake Partners in 2014, many months prior to the March 2015 bankruptcy salePlease note that there are three sub-tabs to this page.



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Geosyntec Lien 19 Apr 2017.pdf
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Below are listing of funds supposedly provided to WLCCC by the beneficiary over time.  Note that the three tally sheets do not appear to sync.  Also, per the bankruptcy documents, Steiner funded lawyers for Woodlake Partners six months prior to the auction (that was to be a fair auction under the supervision of Richard Hutson the bankruptcy restructuring officer).


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Participation Agreement:  The DOT calls for a "participation agreement" and to be treated the same as a promissary note.  The signed DOT states that the "participation agreement" was reviewd by the trustee.  Below is a copy of the "Participation Agreement" provided to Keith Allison by the beneficiary.  Please note that after you open the PDF, if you right click on the document and select "Document Properties" one will note that this document was created in 2019, two years after the DOT, and four years after signature.  Also, Steiner signed for WLCCC, Steiner Consulting, and the beneficiary; in other words to a layman this means that he is taking money from a fund (investors) his company owns to loan to a corporation that he is president of in another country.  Odd.


AHX-WCC - Participation Agreement and Su[...]
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Translation of the above document from German to English

AHX-WCC - Participation Agreement and Su[...]
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After the settlement of the Chapter 11, May 25, 2015, the deeds for the majority of properties included in the Chapter 11 were consolidated into one deed listed in Moore County Register of Deeds as Book 4496 Pages 287-295 below.  As this deed was created prior to the 2017 DOT, why was this deed not used or the additional parcels accquired by the 2015 bankruptcy added as collateral to the DOT?  Yet liens from Geosyntec, the POA and the Class Action suits did include these parcels.

Deed Post 2015 Auction.pdf
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