Julie Watson & DOT

The question has always been as to why the April 2017 DOT?  WLCCC, specifically Julie Watson, was under pressure from the state and Schnabel for response to Hurricane Matthew and the failure of the Woodlake dam.  Reading the below appears to be a means to stall the court and basically that the "check is in the mail."  In March 2018, Julie Watson found herself in Moore County Superior Court with Judge Jim Webb attempting to respond to a Class Action Suit by Woodlake residents.  A deposition of MS. Watson prior to this court action is below and highlighted areas concerning the DOT (attorney Hope Carmichael).



Ltr to NC AG 2017_05_30_Woodlake CC Corp[...]
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J-Watson deposition.pdf
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In addition to the deeds used as collateral for the 2017 DOT, Julie Watson also transfered one parcel from the DOT parcels, specifically Parcel 94000448, Book 1349 page 303, to herself, after the DOT was signed, as well as three other parcels from WLCCC to Julie Watson in Dec 2017 and Jan 2018.  Below are the deeds:  The subject January 2018 transfer was immediately harvested for timber (timber deed below).


Dec 2017 deed.pdf
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January 2018 Deed.pdf
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Timber Deed Feb 2018.pdf
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